Sons In Retirement San Juan Branch 102 Carmichael, Ca.

Sons In Retirement Incorporated, or SIR, is a public benefit organization providing for the welfare of retired men from all walks of life who are pursuing a common goal, namely, the enjoyment of their later years with dignity and pride, by assisting these senior citizens to renew former friendships and associations and affording them an opportunity to make new friends through association with other retired men who also face the particular problems that confront men upon their retirement.

SIR Branch 102 meets on the second Tuesday each month, at the Carmichael Elks Lodge 5631 Cypress Ave Carmichael CA . We have over 200 active members and our members organize many separate activities which are listed in the menu at the top menu bar under activities If there’s an activity you are interested in,  and we don’t offer it, please let the Activity Coordinator know about it. Membership: If you are interested in becoming a member, and don’t know any Sirs, please see the  Membership page at the top menu bar. There you will find out who to contact to start the easy application process. If you have a friend who is a SIR, he can start the  process by simply inviting you to lunch. We are a very friendly group of retired men, and we subscribe to the motto at the top of the page! Come and see who we are,  then get involved in any of our wide choice of activities. Enjoy your retirement to the fullest!

From The Big SIR

2016 Big SIR:  Jeff Dye

Hi Guys,
As I also mentioned in September's newsletter,
I am thankful for the support that the board and membership
continue to give me as I transition into my new role
as your Big SIR. Giving back to the Branch can be very rewarding
and if you're interested in helping out we have a few
positions that we would like to fill.
You're doing a great job with recruiting new members
so keep up the good work! Having new members is
essential for our success.
Also, this is the time of year when our Gold Pan
dues are payable. They have been reduced from $22 to $20
for next year. They are payable by the January meeting and if
not paid by March you will be placed on the inactive
list. Thank you for your understanding as we have costs and
assessments that have to be met. We will reassess the fees
on a yearly basis.
I will miss the November meeting but you'll be in
good hands with Norm Steinbach filling in for me. Traditionally,
we have no speaker for the November meeting and we
have jokes instead. Don Wagner has been gracious enough
to offer his services as Little SIR and lead in the humor. It
looks to be a fun luncheon. Hope to see you in November.


Jeff Dye

From The Little Sir

2016 Little SIR: Norm Steinbach

Hello to you all,

Last month our guest speaker was Joe Neff who works
with Mather VA Hospital patients. He talked about how he gets
PTSD veterans involved in playing golf and helping in their recovery
to a normal life. He was well received and had a number of
friends in our Branch.
Our November luncheon will be our annual Joke Day! I
would like to dedicate this event to Dick Coleman who was very
good at telling a good joke now and then. To put a more professional
touch on this occasion, I have asked Don Wagner to act as
of Master of Ceremony. So if you want to tell a Joke, let Don
know. Also there will be a drinkable gift for each person who
tells a “Good” joke. See you on the 10th