SIR 102 Golf Club By-Laws

SIRS 102 Golf Club By-Laws
January 13, 2009
Article I
The name of this organization shall be SIR 102 Golf Club.
Article II
The purpose of this Golf Club is to make available to its members the best possible
program which will:
a. Promote the maximum enjoyment and fellowship among the members.
b. Establish rules and procedures whereby all members can compete in
tournaments on an equal basis.
Article III
The membership of this organization shall be composed of SIR 102 members in good
standing who have paid their Northern California Golf Association (NCGA) dues.
Future Branch 102 members (those on our "Waiting List") may play in tournaments
as a guest of their sponsor.
Article IV
Section 1. Officers of this Club constitute the Golf Club's Board of Directors and
are as follows:
1. Golf Chairman
2. Tournament Director 6. Asst. Tournament Director
7. Deputy. Asst. Tournament Director
3. Handicap Chairman 8. Asst. Handicap Chairman
4. Secretary 9. Asst. Secretary
5. Treasurer 10. Asst. Treasurer
Section 2. The above officers' term of office shall be one calendar year.
Section 3. The Golf Club Board shall meet monthly, immediately after the regular
SIRs meeting or at the direction of the Board of Directors, and is open
SIRS 102 Golf Club By-Laws
to all Golf Club members who wish to attend.
Section 4. A majority of Golf Club Board members shall constitute a quorum.
Section 5. Other assistants shall be assigned as needed by the Tournament
Director, or in his absence by the Golf Chairman.
Article V
Section 1. The GOLF CHAIRMAN will chair all monthly Golf Club meetings and be
the liaison between the Golf Club and the Big Sir/Exec Board. The
Golf Chairman is responsible for:
a. The Branch's golf activities not conflicting with Sir's State or
Branch By-laws and Rules and Procedures as well as seeing that the
Golf Club By-laws are enforced.
b. Presenting a monthly financial statement at each SIR 102 Executive
Board meeting.
c. Seeing that an annual Golf Club financial report is prepared and
presented to the Executive Board no later than the January meeting.
d. Appointing (with approval of the Board) new directors, assistants to
Board members, or chairmen to fill vacancies.
e. Interviewing all candidates for Club offices to ensure that
prospective officers understand and support the By-laws of the
This officer is appointed by the Big Sir and votes when needed to break
ties within the Golf Club Board.
Section 2. The HANDICAP CHAIRMAN shall be responsible for:
a. All aspects of handicapping as directed by the NCGA.
b. Processing new Golf Club member applications.
c. Keeping the Club's NCGA roster current with the Club’s member
d. Submitting monthly tournament scores to NCGA and maintaining
records pertinent to the handicap system.
The Asst. Handicap Chairman shall be responsible for performing the
duties of the Handicap Chairman in his absence or at his direction.
Section 3. The TREASURER is responsible for:
a. Keeping an account of all funds received and disbursed.
b. Providing a schedule of tournament payouts and giving a statement
of funds available at each monthly Golf Club Board meeting.
SIRS 102 Golf Club By-Laws
c. Preparing an annual Statement of Funds Report for the Golf
Chairman to give to the Executive Board. This Report is to be
ready by the first Executive Board meeting in January.
d. Ensuring the Bank/Credit Union has the Treasurer, Asst. Treasurer
and Tournament Director as authorized signers on the account.
e. Signing all checks and making all deposits. If absent, the Asst.
Treasurer or Tournament Director may perform these functions.
f. Ensuring a budget has been prepared and presented to the Board
for approval no later than the first Board meeting of each new
calendar year.
g. Collect and track NCGA/Club dues from new members and
annual renewals.
The Asst. TREASURER shall be responsible for performing the duties of
the TREASURER in his absence or at his direction.
Section 4. The TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR shall be responsible for:
a. Conducting all Club tournaments in an open, fair and efficient
b. Preparing an annual Golf Policy Letter (for Board Approval) which
defines at a minimum:
1. Monthly sign-up policy and procedures
2. Event pairing policy
3. Tournament and other special event fees
4. Event refund policy
5. Event check-in policy
6. Club Championship policy
7. Match Play Championship policy
c. Validating members who have played a minimum of ten Club
tournaments Between January 1st and May 31st to be eligible for
Club Championship Competition.
d. Assuming office duties when the Golf Chairman is absent.
e. Planning and organizing the Annual Golf Club Awards Banquet.
f. Presenting to the Golf Club Board for review and agreement the
overall event schedule for the upcoming year.
g. Presenting any major changes to the current golf schedule to the
Golf Club Board prior to the changes taking place.
j. Making appropriate payments to the respective golf courses for
each scheduled event.
k. Maintain the Club’s membership directory/roster.
The Asst. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR shall be responsible for performing
SIRS 102 Golf Club By-Laws
the duties of the TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR in his absence or at his
direction. Additionally, he will chair Club committee to develop each
year’s weekly golf schedule and to arrange and have charge of all SIR 102
Golf special/overnight golf events.
The Deputy Asst. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR shall be responsible for
performing the duties of the Asst. TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR in his
absence or at his direction.
Section 5. The SECRETARY shall keep a complete written record of all meeting
proceedings, perform the official correspondence duties of the Club,
make available Golf Club By-laws to new members and coordinate golf
information into the newsletter.
The Asst. SECRETARY shall be responsible for performing the duties of
the SECRETARY in his absence or at his direction.
Section 6. The GOLF CLUB BOARD shall appoint a three-member Rules
Committee to be responsible for arbitrating all disputes. The Board-as-awhole
is also responsible for any activity which may arise which has not
already been previously assigned.
Article VI
Section 1. The Golf Chairman is appointed by the Big Sir in accordance with the
State SIR Bylaws. All other members of the Golf Club Board are elected
in accordance with SIR 102 Golf Club By-laws.
Section 2. Nomination of Board of Director Candidates No later than August 1st a
Nominating Committee (composed of not less than three Golf Club
members) shall be appointed by the Tournament Director.
A slate of next year's candidates is to be readied and presented to all golf
Club members at the September meeting. Additional nominations will
be accepted from the floor providing nominees are present or have
given their sponsor written consent to have their names placed in
nomination. After the nominations are closed the Secretary shall
prepare official ballots listing all nominated members in alphabetical
order for each office contested. “Write in” votes will be rejected.
Section 3. Elections will be held at the November Golf Club Annual Award
banquet. An Election Committee, appointed by the Tournament
Director will see that voting members sign the register, obtain a
preprinted ballot and place complete ballots in a box provided for the
occasion. Election results will be announced that day. The newly
SIRS 102 Golf Club By-Laws
elected officers will assume duties on January 1st.
Article VII
Playing/Sign up priority. Regular members in good standing will have priority over
guests, except for Waiting List guests as defined in Article III - MEMBERSHIP.
Article VIII
The Player's responsibility shall be to:
a. Become familiar with the Rules of Golf, local Rules of the Courses
played and all conditions under which SIR 102 Golf tournaments
are played.
b. Bring any grievance to the attention of the Tournament Director.
If the complaint is not satisfactorily resolved the member may
request a full review by the Golf Club Board.
Article IX
Section 1. The Golf Club Board shall have the power to suspend or expel any
member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Board is prejudicial to the
welfare, interest, repute or character of the Golf Club. This power is
limited to Club Activities and requires a vote of at least FOUR (5) Board
Section 2. Once the Golf Club Board of Directors agrees that punitive action is
necessary, the following is to be done:
a. Prepare a letter signed by at least five Board members directed to the
member stating the charges and proposed action against him. The
member must be given 10 days from receipt to respond
b. This letter must be sent Registered mail with a Return Receipt
c. If the member wishes to challenge the Board's decision, he must be
given an audience within 10 days with all assenting Board members
present. If no challenge is received, he may not have any recourse
after ten days of receipt of the aforementioned letter.
d. After ten days with no response, the Board may take action it outlined
in its original letter.
SIRS 102 Golf Club By-Laws
Section 3. Any elected officer of the Club may be removed from office for good
cause upon an affirmative vote of three-fourths of members present at a
regular or special meeting of the Club called for this purpose. For this
type of action all Golf Club members must have received a prior 10 day
written notice of the meeting's purpose.
Article X
Section 1. These By-laws may be amended by a two-thirds (⅔) majority of the
members-at large present at any monthly Golf Club meeting providing a
copy of the proposed amendments has been given to all members before
the meeting.
Section 2. When not in conflict with these By-laws, Robert's Rules of Order, as
amended, shall be used as parliamentary authority for the Golf Club and
its Board of Director meetings.
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