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From The Golf Club Chairman

GOLF CHAIRMAN: Don Wagner (967-1124) email:

Our first overnight golf trip to Greenhorn Creek is officially underway with the release of our flier in February. We’ll take the
initial signups at the March meeting and the final time to signup will be at the April meeting. You can always signup by contacting
Max or Jim directly (see flier) but we‘ll need the final count by our April 12th meeting. We had a great turnout last year and
expect the same this year. Remember, although it’s a SIR event you are welcome to brings wife’s and friends who have an
NCGA handicap. If you need an exception, please talk to us before signing up. Check out the flier!
It’s great to see so many new members joining us this year. One of the reasons we have a scramble or similar format once a
month is to give us all a chance to get to enjoy the company of guys we may not have met. It’s also nice to see so many guys
helping our TD Don Kruse at the signups. A good start to another great year for our SIR golf club.
We will have our golf meeting in March immediately following our quest speaker. Hope you can join us.
GOLF: “A game in which a ball one and a half inches in diameter is placed on ball 8,000 miles in diameter . The object is to hit
the small ball but not the larger”
John Cunningham



From The Tournament Director