HLM Richard Wagner 2013

About Mickey: Richard joined SIR #102 in 2004 and immediately began holding offices (2004).
He has held at least one position with our branch ongoing since his first year as a member of SIR.
Mickey has been involved with maintaining the records of our membership for over 9 years. In addition, he has worked on projects such as SIRs Christmas parties and the Spring Picnics. For the past nine years, separate from his various roles on the board as an officer and committee chairman, he has published our monthly newsletter and continued to find creative ways to reduce our printing cost resulting in major savings to our branch. He also redesigned our name badges which are used today. When his Director position expired, he took over as our Bowling Chairmen. Mickey attends our board meeting each month not only as a committee chairman and editor but also to support our current and future Big Sir. He continues to work with others to publish and update our membership directories. As editor and publishers of our monthly newsletter over the past 9 years, Mickey has worked with officers and members ongoing to help them publish their articles and when necessary, fill in for them. Mickey has shown his dedication to Branch 102 by attended almost every Executive Board meeting since joining our Branch. He is always available to help when asked regardless of what position or role he is currently in.