Realizing the social nature of  man and the desire   for the  company  of others,   particularly those  retired   from  gainful employment,   the late Damian L. Reynolds conceived the idea of SONS IN RETIREMENT in the Spring of 1958.

Three friends,  all  retired,  met with  Mr. Reynolds  on  occasion  for  a friendly  luncheon.   He suggested  to  these  three,  Messrs:  Claus Hink, Lorenz. H. Hansen  and Wallace Plummer, that they join him in his idea. A kick-off luncheon was held in San Mateo, California on July 23, 1958.

Wallace Plummer

Claus J. Hink

Damian J. Reynolds

Lorenz H Hansen

A second meeting was held on August 20, 1958, and the eighteen present adopted the name of SONS IN RETIREMENT.    Because most retired men wish nothing to do with things pertaining to inactivity, the chosen name seemed to enunciate and give dignity to retirement.

Basic  guidelines  of SONS IN RETIREMENT were   set forth in Rules and Procedures drawn up at the time of incorporation in 1959. These have been revised from time to time.

1. It was to be a luncheon club composed of men retired from gainful employment.

2. There were to be no dues, initiation fees or assessments other than normal voluntary contributions at each luncheon to cover expenses. NOTE: August 2013 Rule change allows Branches to charge Dues if they wish.

3. The organization would espouse no political party, religion or sect of any kind.

4. Eligible men would be invited to join after attending at least one luncheon meeting and being introduced by the member who would sponsor him.

5. The club would meet monthly for lunch, at the member's expense, and a program would become part of each luncheon.