Fast Play Common Sense Do You Use It?

Fast Play Common Sense


•    Always keep up with the group in front — Don’t look back!
•    Hit when ready — Forget honors.
•    Always be ready to hit.
•    Take no more than one practice swing.
•    Don’t search for lost balls more than three minutes.
•    Hit a provisional ball immediately if yours may be lost or out of bounds.
•    Always have an observer (behind you) on your tee shot or long fairway shot.
•    While others are putting do green chores — Read green, etc.
•    Putt out – Don’t mark unless essential.
•    Keep track of your own scores.

Cart Riders

•    Putt together; thereafter immediately go to next tee!
•    Drop-off closest player and drive to the other ball.
•    Walk forward to your cart — Don’t wait to be picked pp.
•    Take three clubs when in doubt.
•    Plan your shot as you approach your ball.
•    Recognize your distance limits!
•    After hitting, ride with clubs in hand until next shot
•    Park cart between green and next tee.


•    Putt out, thereafter immediately go to next tee!
•    Go directly to your ball — Don’t linger while others hit.
•    Put your bag between green and next tee before putting.
•    Walk briskly between shots.
•    Plan your shot as you approach your ball.


•    Slow play is ugly!  Relax at the nineteenth hole!
•    Let’s all strive for four hour rounds on standard courses (Slope <=113).
•    Replace divots.
•    Fix ball marks.
•    Rake bunkers — Take rake into bunker before your shot