Monthly Membership Reports to BEC

The date in the report pdf's listed below indicate the monthly BEC meeting for which it was prepared. Left-click on a report link (the light blue yyyy-mm Membership Report.pdf) and the selected report will be displayed in your browser window. Right-clicking on the report display will provide you with the option (Save as...) for downloading it to your computer. Right-Clicking the report display will also provide the downloading option.

2018-06Membershipreport.pdf1.06 MB
2018-05 membership report.pdf952.69 KB
2018-04membershipreport.pdf956.55 KB
2018-03membershipreport.pdf956.88 KB
2018-02membershipreport.pdf819.3 KB
2018-01MembershipReport.pdf967.97 KB
2017-12membershipreport.pdf952.79 KB
2017-11membershipreport.pdf812.28 KB
2017-10membershipreport.pdf851.95 KB
2017-09 membership report.pdf845.99 KB
2017-08 membership report.pdf947.71 KB
2017-07 membership report.pdf948.8 KB
2017-06 membership Report.pdf951.73 KB
2017-05membershipreport.pdf956.69 KB
2017-04membershipreport.pdf955.18 KB
2017-03 membership report.pdf958.16 KB
2015-11-10 Membership Report.pdf123.86 KB
2015-10-13 Membership Report.pdf124.22 KB
2015-09-08 Membership Report.pdf101.36 KB
2015-08 Membership Report..pdf111.97 KB
2015-07 Membership Report..pdf134.1 KB
2015-06 Membership Report..pdf134.02 KB
2015-05 Membership Report.pdf108.47 KB
2015-04 Membership Report..pdf112.11 KB
2015-03 Membership Report..pdf143.45 KB
2015-02 Membership Report..pdf142.61 KB
2015-01 Membership Report..pdf142.77 KB
2014-12-09 Membership Report.pdf109.04 KB
2014-11-11 Membership Report.pdf133.07 KB
2014-10-14 Membership Report.pdf133.54 KB
2014-09-09 Membership Report.pdf110.04 KB
2014-08-12 Membership Report.pdf133.19 KB
2014-07-08 Membership Report..pdf133.2 KB
2014-06 Membership Report..pdf132.58 KB
2014-05 Membership Report..pdf133.13 KB
2014-04 Membership Report..pdf139.77 KB
2014-03 Membership Report..pdf132.22 KB
2014-02 Membership Report..pdf131.06 KB
2014-01 Membership Report..pdf102.44 KB