HLM Don Wagner 2012

About Don: Halloween 1939 was a special day in HLM Don Wagner's life.....his birthday, a few days before sailing with his family to Hawaii. Along with big brother Mickey at the tender age of two, he experienced Dec 7th 1941 near Hawaii's Hickam AFB. In 1945 the Wagner family returned to the mainland. By 1957, he graduated from Holy Cross High School in Santa Cruz and one short week later became a full-fledged member in the United States Army. Upon discharge Don attended Hartnell Community College in Salinas and as a part-time job joined the staff of KSBW Television where he worked as a cameraman. A Lightening Director job opening with KTVU-TV in Oakland moved him to this city.


In 1962 he joined Pacific Bell in the Toll division. This company provided education opportunities which ultimately allowed him to obtain his MBA degree from San Jose State. He advanced within the telephone company throughout his career. In 1982 a Federal judge by the name of Harold H. Green decreed that Ma Bell (with its seven regional Bells --the best stock in the world for widows and orphans) needed to be broken apart. Assigned to Pac Bell’s Headquarters, Don became heavily involved in this nation-wide divesture operation in deciding which buildings and which operations would go to which new company. AT&T was to keep the long distance operations and the Pac Bells were to handle local area needs. Don stayed with California's Pac Bell as Regional Manager ultimately supervising 800 employees. His family including wife Pat, with two girls and one boy moved to Fair Oaks in 1978.

It was their final move even though his assignments moved to Los Angeles, San Francisco (This required daily pool van trips to the City), Modesto and finally Sacramento. Upon completing 31 years, he retired at the ripe age of 54. Don did some part time consulting for start-up Cellular Radio operations which allowed him to travel to Spain, the East Coast, Dallas and finally Prague. He is the proud grandfather of three grandchildren.

In 1994 Don joined SIR #102 upon being sponsored by his neighbor Gene DeCrona. Since then he has held many positions in our Branch. The following offices he held were used in determining his qualifications to become this Branch's newest Honorary Life Member:

  • Various Golf Club offices 1995-1996
  • Membership Chairman 1997-1999
  • Little Sir 1999 (only for 6 months - he left for a consulting job)
  • Asst. Membership 2001-2002
  • Director 2003
  • Little SIR 2004
  • Big SIR 2005
  • Director 2006-2008
  • Golf Club Chairman 2008-2011
  • Has brought in (5) new members.