HLM Joe Virga 2011

About Joe: HLM Joe Virga (our 2008 Big Sir) was born and raised in Sacramento. He attended Sacramento High where be played football. He met Laurenda the same year he began working for Capitol Cigar Co. Even then Joe was a pretty good talker because in only 90 days he had convinced her to marry him. Together they began building the home they now live nearby the church we know as “Joe’s Hall.” Their home was much smaller in the beginning, and he and Laurenda build it together. She was helping pour cement the same day she went to the hospital to deliver their son.

In 1982 Joe had a severe heart attack. While sitting at home watching “Love Boat” he choked and slid to the floor. Laurenda and their daughter gave him mouth-to-mouth respiration and called the fire department. This saved him. He was in a coma for 7 days. The family decided to give him one more day on the respirator before “pulling the plug.” On the eighth day he responded to his father’s voice. Later his doctor insisted that he become active in a sport such as golf. He told him if he didn’t. . . he wouldn’t sign his social security disability application.

Joe joined SIR #102 in 1986. Since then he has held several SIR offices from Tournament Director to Big Sir.