HLM Jack Derby 2007

About Jack: Jack Derby joined Branch 67 in July 1988. One of his early accomplishments was the redesign of the monthly newsletter in 1993 from a single sheet to a four-page format, which facilitated more informative reporting of Branch activities. This publication has been widely recognized as the best in Area 15 and has served as a model for other Branches. This testifies to Jack’s talent for innovation, his computer proficiency and editorial skills.

Through the years he has been an avid participant in the Golf Program, as well as annual out-of-town tournaments sponsored by the Branch. In 1997 he served on the Membership Committee as Assistant and then in 1998 as Assistant Secretary. This led up to Jack’s election as Little Sir in 1999 and his scheduling of speakers and Ladies Day Programs which were always well received and attended.

In 2000 he advanced to the responsibilities of Big Sir and the opportunity to exercise his management skills in the conduct of Board and the General meetings of the Branch. His efficient organization of Committee assignments and operations were exemplary.

Following this term in office, he continued to be involved with Branch activities and in 2002 filled the breach when the then-Editor abruptly resigned from SIRs. Jack immediately resumed responsibility for composing the Branch monthly newsletter and he has fulfilled that responsibility for the five years to date. However, Jack did not rest on his laurels! During this time, he served as a roving Ambassador and guest at the meetings of other Branches in Area 15, exchanging ideas for bolstering activities and the recruitment of new members in the face of a generally declining membership. This initiative resulted in his design and organization of the “First Annual Membership Drive from May 15 to July 15, 2006”, including a flyer which challenged every member of the Branch to become an active “recruiter” and to invite an acquaintance as a luncheon-meeting guest. The result was the induction of nine new members in the months of the drive.

Jack also stands ready to serve at a moment’s notice! On more than one occasion, he stepped to the podium and gave an impromptu presentation when a scheduled guest speaker failed to show up. His talks covered some of his summer-time youthful experiences in Alaska during his college years and another time his travels to exotic places, which always held the attention and admiration of the audience.

Finally, in Jack’s continuing quest to serve Branch 67 he has constantly introduced improvements in the content and presentation of the monthly Newsletter. In the latter part of 2006 he promoted the concept of sending electronically the monthly newsletter to members with email access. The net result has been not only dollar savings of printing, postage and manual labeling, but also expediting the newsletter to the hands of the members. The current projected savings to Branch 67 is over $1,000 per year. A serendipitous effect has been to stimulate interest in computer usage by members, some overcoming a previous reluctance. The transition this year to monthly electronic newsletters has been an unqualified success1 In the past 6 months the number has increased by over 35% to 115 members or just over 50% of newsletter recipients, with the expectation of continued expansion.

Sir Jack Derby has been and continues to be a valuable contributor to the well being of our SIRs organization and is the model of a SIRs member that any Branch would be proud of.