HLM Don Neudeck 2004

About Don: HLM Don Neudeck (our 1996 Big Sir) was born in Carson City, Nevada but his “real” home has always been in the Sacramento area. He attended local area schools. While attending Sacramento Junior College his “friends and neighbors” on the city's friendly draft board suggested he serve in World War II. He spent three years in the Navy; two aboard the U.S.S. Oakland in the South Pacific. Upon discharge he took his G.I. Bill and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry from UC-Berkeley.

At graduation jobs in forestry were not very plentiful so he began work in the Engineering Department of the Southern Pacific Railroad. During this stint he was one who helped put the railroad line back in running order after the Tehachapi earthquake.

After two years he left the railroad to join the State Department of Water Resources. Here, he was “baptized” by the flood of 1955 in the Levee Inspection Section. He later supervised this section for twelve years. In 1970 he became Chief of Flood Operations for the State of California. In this position he was responsible for the state’s Flood Operation Center. This Center provides flood warnings and information service to the news media, general public as well as local, state and federal agencies.

Before retiring in 1988 Don was involved with several large scale flood-fighting efforts. Since joining SIR he has held many offices within the Branch. Don has brought in (7) new members.