HLM Al "Rock" Sorgman 2001

About Rock: Senior HLM 2011 Al (Rock) Sorgman (our 1993 Big Sir) was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, the “shoe capital of the world.” In this rough-and-tumble factory town lived fighter Rocky Marciano, one of Rock’s boyhood friends.

At 18 Rock joined the Air Force, graduated from the NCO Academy then spent 20 years in the military training personnel and doing investigating work. Several tours of duty were centered in the Orient. Following his discharge in 1969, he began working for Allstate Insurance as a Claims Investigator/Adjuster.

Rock has had his share of medical problems including four heart attacks. He had a 3-way bypass in 1981 and a six-way in 1988. Believe it or not he’s even got part of his “hip bone attached to his arm bone.“ He’s held many Branch as well as Golf Club offices.

Rock took over as Area Gov. in the middle of 2002 when the then current Area Gov. had to leave because of medical problems. He later became Regional Director in 2007 but left later due to medical problems. Rock helped install strong leaders into many SIR branches.