SIR 102 History

In 1982 our San Juan SIR Branch #102 was “spun off” from another Sacramento branch. We started with 50 charter members and today we hover around 200 members. In the greater Sacramento area there are 17 similar SIR branches each with over 150 ultra-low‐key casually dressed members.

Unpaid volunteers handle all jobs in SIR. Branch #102 meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 11:45 a.m. at the Elks Lodge in Carmichael. The current monthly lunch price is $15. We collect $22 per year from each member. (This is how we totally fund Branch costs such as insurance, website, printing, postage, roster printing etc.)

We have a very reasonably priced Elk’s bar available should your attitude need adjusting, and we publish an excellent monthly newsletter with a golf schedule. All SIR members are expected to attend monthly meetings providing they are not on vacation, and are reasonably healthy.

SIR has many fun and social activities. Our Branch Golf Club (a member of the Northern California Golf Association) has over 130 members and we play every week of the year. Our members have a wide range of abilities and are competitively grouped into A‐B‐C and D flights. We have a strong bowling group, and we’ve heard there is a smattering of small and possibly illegal poker groups around.

Many of our members are active in bridge, fishing RV'ing, bowling and many other activities. In addition we offer Branch and State travel trips throughout the year. SIR Branch #102 is one of the larger Branches and we welcome other retired men to join us in the fun of retirement.